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Too big to ignore: Why UK businesses suffer higher data losses than before

On the surface, the 21 percent of UK businesses reporting data loss doesn’t seem like a bad number. However, it is quite likely that 21 percent actually was unreported and less than the national average? It is happening in the UK, as many businesses suffer a data loss and do not even bother to report it. Many business owners may not be aware of the data loss until months later. Could hackers and viruses running undetected affect daily operations, sensitive data, and make up for reporting losses?

While 45 percent of UK businesses admitted to having more downtime than planned, numbers may not accurately reflect why data loss is a bigger problem for UK businesses than previously thought. What can UK businesses do to curb the amount of mac hard disk recovery data lost and lessen the monetary blow below the current rate?

Update software and apply patches more freely

What are the best practices UK businesses can follow and keep from losing data?


Don’t leave a hole in the Network. Some senior IT analysts may work overtime protecting a company’s valuable trade secrets and network of computers. However, they may be so busy they neglect to download and install patches and new versions of software when they are available. Outdated software means companies are more open attacks.

Time for training. Did you know many IT professionals have a general lack of confidence in many UK organisations? They do not think the organisations can meet critical IT requirements needed to build better security measures, availability recovery and backup systems of support. hdd data recovery uk Training may better help IT management and company employees to connect and better understand the UK’s new data regulations.

Be vigilant.  Hackers can easily inject a computer without too many signs. UK businesses may best protect themselves by being ready to disarm and send a hacker elsewhere with the updates helps keep a company server safe from viruses and data loss.

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